Property Investment

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We assemble sites for single dwellings to multi unit new homes schemes.

We have an excellent track record in coordinating our extensive network of contacts and professional advisers to assist us in accordance with the requirements of the local authority we are working within and negotiating an agreeable consent.





The typical process of acquiring and developing a site entails the following procedures.

  • Identifying the opportunity¬†this happens through the site being offered to us through our contacts.
  • Initial appraisal of a site is multi dimensional and involves extensive information; firstly we will establish the planning history generally and ascertain what maybe a possibility for development purposes. We then assess the most suitable product for the site be it houses, flats or a mixed commercial and residential scheme. Our architect¬†will then assess the density and mix the local authority are likely to accept and we can carry out an initial valuation.
  • Negotiate the purchase, we have always considered this stage the most important as any property professional knows, the success of any deal is in the price you pay and the terms agreed with the land owner. We will buy buildings and sites on behalf of clients with or without planning consent. We also purchase subject to planning or with the use of option contracts.
  • Preparing and negotiating the planning consent, we believe by using the best professionals available, this attitude has lead to a larger percentage of projects achieving their objective at the first hearing at committee and reduces the costs of lengthy and drawn out appeal procedures.
  • Sale or redevelopment of the site, once we have inevitably have achieved a satisfactory planning consent. We can then decide whether you wish to develop the site, sell the site to another developer or form a joint venture with an investor or contractor to build the site out.

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