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Michaelson Properties is a niche player in the market, we offer property advice and consultancy.

We have worked successfully over the last 15 years with numerous different investors and developers and continue to do so. We acquire stock for redevelopment and/or Investment purposes on their behalf. We try to source and identify off market property opportunities both residential and commercial and provide our clients with leading representation when negotiating with vendors or their appointed representatives. Our transactions have often been structured in numerous different ways.

For example, we have purchased development projects with the financial input of our investor partner and agreed either a percentage of the profits or some of the completed units at a competitive discount.  Alternatively straight forward introduction fees paid on the final purchase price paid.

We can structure any deal to suit the investor, purchaser or partner dependent on requirements and risk profile.

Michaelson Properties  uses its extensive network of contacts and comprehensive market intelligence to constantly monitor a wide range of potential property, opportunities both long-term and on a more opportunistic basis. Typical investment opportunities to implement the above strategies include:

  • Developments that have failed to reach an exit.
  • Properties that have failed to fulfil they're letting potential.
  • Developments that carry a significant difference between their value and their price.
  • Off-market properties, secured through Michaelson's  extensive network of contacts.
  • Opportunity properties with value that can be unlocked or added-to.

We combine a quality bespoke service with a thorough, friendly and commercial approach. Whether you’re a residential or commercial buyer, seller, and landlord this enables us to provide a first class service.

Contact us by email at robert@michaelsonproperties.co.uk, or call us at 02084163747.